The other day I went and picked up a makeup package from Lyko that I recently ordered! I've been wanting to get a new eyebrow pen since my old one was running out! I decided to try this one from Exlure London in the shade of Mid Brown. I think it's hard to buy shades online. I like that Lyko has videos for the products because through this one I could decide what shade I thought would be best for me! Then I also loaded up on some foundation and I decided to try Lykos own brand of Mascara and Makeup Remover Wipes. Any one tried these before?
My makeup package from Lyko!
Loooved it aaaaall, have not tried the mascara yet though!
I could not complain about this new eyebrow pen!

13 januari 2019

New Day, New Combo!


Look of the day! I found myself really uninspired with winter here lately, I want to stay warm and comfy but my sweaters have felt so boring. Today had to be a sweater day and since I'm so into the vinyl at the moment I felt like my black vinyl pants would make a sweater more fun and so it did! Happy with this combo! 
My purple sweater to a pair of black vinyl pants!
Happy with this combo!
Late evening here in Sweden and i'm slowly trying to work through my pictures from the end of 2018. I have to share these two that I posted on my instagram here recently! I took these with my phone over Chicago when we were coming in over the city late in the eveing! The sun had almost set and the city lights in the dark completly took my breath away. This was my first time flying into a city in the dark and it's incredible how beautiful it is from the sky. The end of 2018 was tough but when things are it's still important to look around and see the beauty in what still remains! Good night!
Picture I took with my iphone over Chicago!
How beautiful the city is from the sky!