So happy about my new poster! I'm working on my makeup vanity area whenever I have the time, it's going slow cause I have a lot of work and other projects right now that need my time so it's far from done! However, I've been looking at this poster for over a year now so I finally decided to buy it! I'm wanting to use gold details in the room so this poster is a perfect detail. The gold frame is bought at Rusta.  It's from the interior company Jotex, press here to find it!
My new poster hung up by my makeup vanity! Note: The waves are from the reflectons in the glass.
The gold frame is from Rusta and the poster is from Jotex.

6 oktober 2018

Girls' Day

Fashion Life

How was your friday? I had a good one spent with these amazing women! Part of my mom's job is to hold lectures and this Friday she was holding a lecture in Charlottenberg so I got the opportunity to tag along so I could get some things from the mall there. We started our day with Macdonald's for breakfast and before we went home I had some amazing fried chicken with sweet and sour for lunch! I was in need of some fall shoes so I found two pairs that I got. A Glitter store was closing for business, so I treated myself to a lot of pretty earrings as well. Hope everyone are having a beautiful weekend! 
Arriving to the Mall in Charlottenberg early on Friday morning. 
Mom and my sweet niece! 
Started our day with a good breakfast! 
I needed some fall shoes and here's one of the pairs I got! They are from Skopunkten. Press here to shop! 

4 oktober 2018

Bueno Cupcakes


Two of my favorite things; Kinder chocolate and cupcakes! So why not mix them both? I recently made these amazing Bueno Cupcakes for my niece. They are so simple and oh so good! I used a chocolate cupcake recipe that I know I like instead of the one in the link (but that one works perfect as well) and then I made the frosting using Nutella to get that hazelnut flavor that the Kinder bueno has! For the icing I used piping bags and a piping tip in plastic that I could buy at the local grocery store, they are usually located by the plastic bags. So if you also feel like making these amazing cupcakes here's the link to the recepie that I followed: .  
These can be the perfect friday treat after a long week of work and a fun activity for the whole family! Warning for a kitchen mess but I mean that's what saturdays are for right? If you have any questions about the recipe and how I converted it, please ask! Have a wonderful weekend!
One package of Kinder Bueno is enough for 8 cupcakes!
My Kinder Bueno Cupcakes, a yummy Friday treat!
Don't forget to also buy Choco Sprinkles for the decoration of the frosting!