28 april 2017

Norway Goodies

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 My purchase in Norway! Both items were in a nude shade to go with my black jeans and a black jacket. The beige bodysuit were on sale but the purse "Olivia Väska" from Gina Tricot was on ordinary price. The bag is unfortunately sold out online but can be bought in a Gina Tricot store.Search on their page to see what store holds it! Press here for link to the purse! Scroll down to get similar items.
 The two items I bought; a beige bodysuit and the purse from Gina Tricot.
Tight Neckline Body, 199:-, picture from
Purse from Valentino, 599:-, picture from
Off Shoulder Rib Body, 199:-, picture from

27 april 2017

So long Norway!


Hope everyone is having a beautiful thursday evening! It's been a grey day here and it has snowed alot, but the sun came back now even though it's after eight in the evening! Jake and I arrived home last night after a 12 hour drive back home from Norway. The weather was still not the best, so I was unfortunatly not able to take the nature pictures that I wished for. We had a really nice trip, really enjoyed the car rides together and seeing new views, hoping to do it again soon! See some more of the picrures from our trip bellow:
One nature picture that I was able to take.
My happiness when there were reindeer on the side of the road!
Beautiful waterfall that we could see from the side of the road.
Norweigan Princess, a portrait of my friend Jorunn.
Yes I came to Norway to eat Thai food, and it was amazing! All you can eat buffé.
And they also served Ice cream and these little desserts.
Evening fun, so long since I played card games.
Picture by the water, this place reminded me of the Swedish west coast.
Stealing a picture of this pretty lady while sightseeing.
Norway, you'll be missed, hope to see you again soon!
If you're ever traveling close to Trondheim in Norway, you have to visit this cute little restaurant that's located in the town next to it, Steinkjer. Everything from the plates to the interior gives an amazing feel of France. Jake had their Birgers Burger with blue cheese, and I chose a vegetarian alternative, the Mathildes Margarita with some aioli on the side. We went there yesterday evening so all the lights outside and inside were shining so pretty. Everything was so delicious and I really loved the look of the restaurant, can't wait to go again!
Birgers Burger
Mine and Heidi's Margaritas, her's with meat and mine without.
Snacks sold by the restaurant.