22 april 2017

Norway 2017


Jake and I decided to take a little roadtrip to visit my two childhood friends in Norway. We decided to split the trip into two days since it was our first time driving that far into Norway alone. My two friends are twin sisters that I met when their parents bought my parents old house when I was ten, so i've been lucky to know them for many years now. In the past years a move has kept us far apart, so after not seeing each other for over two years I decided that it was time to make this trip. It's been alot of snow and bad weather, so nature picture has not been an option but I'm hoping that it will be better on the way home. It's the first day here so we've been able to fit in some shopping and dinner together. Hoping to be able to put more pictures on here soon.
From a diner we stopped at before driving over the Norweigan border.
Reunited with my girls after two years
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