On saturday I was asked if I could take a few pictures at the resturant Nedergården that's located close to the ski resort Branäs in Sweden. They were having a wedding, so they wanted me to take a few pictures of the table setting, food, and the lucky couple. The building of the resturant used to be a stable, but was turned into a resturant. They serve a lot of fun dishes that you usually wouldn't find at other places such as Moose burgers and Moose pizzas. For the wedding however they had a special menu for the party. It was their first time hosting a wedding so it was a very special evening for everybody. Scroll down for a few of my pictures from the evening.
Dessert; apples, vanilla ice cream, raspberry sorbet from a local factory. Oat cookies and flower petels for decoration.
The beautiful couple.
 LOOOVED her wedding dress.

23 augusti 2017

Feeling 22


On the 21st of August I celebrated my 22nd birthday. We had a dinner at our home and invited my siblings, my parents, my grandpa and his sweet Ingrid. Since Jake has worked as a chef in America and still does here in Sweden he makes delicious food; so for my birthday he and Zack spoiled me by making the most delicious meal for me and my family. They made  tenderloin, potato gratin, onion sauce and a good salad. For dessert, I got to enjoy a red velvet cake, which is my favorite American dessert. It's been so long since I've eaten it, so I was so happy when Jake and I made one the evening of the 20th. My mom also brought a whip cream cake with fresh raspberrys and blueberrys that she and my dad had picked. Ingrid brought a whip cream cake as well, so I was really spoiled with birthday cakes, still eating!
Zack helping me with my balloons.
Bought these pretty silver balloons from
My idea for the table decorations. I put dollar napkins in champange glasses bought from a local grocery store. The Napkins are bought at Dollarstore for 10:- per package.
My amazing family surprised me with a flower delivery.
I Love flowers so much, this fall bouquet that my family got me is so beautiful!
The white lantern with grey details that also came with the flower delivery. It goes perfect with our outdoor furniture or our inside interior.
The beautiful yellow bouquet with the birthday card my grandpa got me. Makes me smile that I turn 22 and he still spells my name "Jenny".
My dress is from