Oh dear where did the time go? But it seems to be tradition after becoming an adult that working and being busy makes december fly by and suddenly it's christmas! Luckily I feel like I've been able to get most things done by now to avoid last minute stress. We actually made most of our christmas shopping this year online and I feel like that was a really good choice. I mean I can't really complain about doing my shopping in sweatpants in the couch after work! Due to a busy month, we have just started getting our decorations out, check out some of our new decorations below that I recently bought from the interior company Jysk. Do you have a favorite decoration this year? 
Our "Oh Deer Christmas Is Here" doormat that plays on words from Jysk.
A little modern and festive Christmas tree that I put on our tv bench. Very cute and also from Jysk! 
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