4 juli 2017



On the 2nd of July I finally got to reunite with my german sister! I call her that because we lived in the same family in America during our High School year in Kentucky! We had not seen each other in two years so the happiness was indescribable! I also got to meet one of her gorgeous friends from Germany! They had been in Oslo for a weekend and I got to spend the Sunday with them! They actually ended up showing me new parts of the city that I hadnt seen before. Among them was the buildings at Aker Brygge and the street Youngstorget with it's beautiful view! I thought it was so cute how the food trucks were lined up on Youngstorget and the buildings around were all so beautiful! We had dinner at Peppes Pizza, which is a Norwegian chain of pizzerias! Next time I go, however, I have to try the food at the Taco Truck 4Gringos!
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