Today Zack and I decided to pass time while Jake was at work by going on another walk in the beautiful nature for exercise and some good nature pictures! We drove to the church in Långav where we from there walked the road up towards the mountain and we followed that road until the end and walked straight up into the forest from there! You can hear the water so clear and the stream can't be missed. It's really beautiful walking by the stream and it sure is a good workout! Nothing can ever beat being out in the fresh air and the sound of the birds around. I love walking in nature like this, but depending on weather; make sure to bring your mosquito spray!
Reached a bridge for fourwheelers before we started to head back down!
Oslo day! Anyone who knows me, or anyone who has peeked at my instagram, knows that I love Norway's capital city, Oslo, with all my heart. I could go there anytime! I just enjoy walking around and exploring the city. Jake's friend, Zack, arrived yesterday from America! He landed in Oslo, so we decided to show him around the city, and we had also bought tickets to the Architects concert at Vulkan Arena as an early birthday present for him. After exploring the city we watched the concert before heading home to Sweden. It was a really relaxed day, after arriving at the central station we looked around in stores, had lunch at Max (a Swedish fastfood chain), and even though we were in Norway, Jake had to take him there since it's his favorite fast food place here so far! During our day we also saw the Royal Castle, the park next to the castle Slottsparken, the huge mall Oslo City and Oslo Opera House. On our way to the concert we saw a new side of town that neither of us been in before with a lot of beautiful artwork everywhere, loved it and I need to spend more time there next time I go. Unfortunatly I was not able to get any concert pictures but one because of my battery, but the guys loved the show. Even though it's not my kind of music I have to say that they put on an amazing show, their light and effects were incredible.
Zack will be staying all summer so we are really excited to show him the Swedish culture, and hopefully some more new places.
Zack at the Opera House in Oslo.
Jake and Zack on the roof of the Opera House.
Artwork on the side of a building, loved it!
Waiting for Architects.

12 juni 2017

Summer Cheesecake


Hi! I hope everyone are having a good monday evening! I had a good day at work and now me and Jake are watching the new season of Orange is the New Black on NetflixI So happy they released season 5, been waiting so long, haha! Mondays of course calls for a little snack, tonight I've made a cute no bake cheesecake for dessert that we are going to enjoy in front of the TV. I got the inspiration for this cute cheesecake from pinterest! I chose to make a classic cheesecake and use Lilac flowers that grows in our garden as decoration. So it's a very simple cake but using the flower as decoration really makes it look like one of a kind! For recipe I used a Swedish one from, you find the link to that recipe here. If you need an english recipe I would suggest looking on pinterest, there's so many delicious recepies on there!
So if you also want to make one of these cakes, go find that classic cheesecake recipe that you love and if Lilac flowers doesn't grow in your garden you can always choose another kind of flowers that would be appopriate on a cake!