12 juni 2017

Summer Cheesecake


Hi! I hope everyone are having a good monday evening! I had a good day at work and now me and Jake are watching the new season of Orange is the New Black on NetflixI So happy they released season 5, been waiting so long, haha! Mondays of course calls for a little snack, tonight I've made a cute no bake cheesecake for dessert that we are going to enjoy in front of the TV. I got the inspiration for this cute cheesecake from pinterest! I chose to make a classic cheesecake and use Lilac flowers that grows in our garden as decoration. So it's a very simple cake but using the flower as decoration really makes it look like one of a kind! For recipe I used a Swedish one from koket.se, you find the link to that recipe here. If you need an english recipe I would suggest looking on pinterest, there's so many delicious recepies on there!
So if you also want to make one of these cakes, go find that classic cheesecake recipe that you love and if Lilac flowers doesn't grow in your garden you can always choose another kind of flowers that would be appopriate on a cake!
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