Today we decided to go to Diner 45 to do a little precelebration off my little brother that turns 20 now in May. My birthday present to him was tickets to an event that's before his birthday so we decided to give him that over dinner at this beautiful resturant. The place is located on the side of Road E45 on the outside off the little town Sunne in Sweden. It's an American inspired 50's resturant, they serve a lot of delicious Burgers, steaks and desserts. I had the 45 Fabulous Cheese Burger and for dessert I chose the Mocca Milkshake, but the Cookie Dough Milkshake is still my favorite. Have to recommend this restaurant if you're ever traveling in Värmland.
Three of their amazing Milkshakes, from left Cookie Dough, Mocca, and Strawberry.
Hard to do the interior justice, it truly has to be seen, it's all so perfect for the theme.
 My little brother, my dad, and my mom.

Tack för en härlig eftermiddag i ert fantastiska sällskap och i denna fina miljö ❤❤

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