7 maj 2017

Kiss Concert


Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine sure was! Jake and I went to Stockholm for a night on saturday. We were going to the Kiss concert that was yesterday evening. We had so much fun, the concert was beyond any of my expectations, it really was an incredible show from start to finish. The opening bands were RavenEye and Heavy Tiger, I really enjoyed their music as well. We had Golden Cirlcle tickets so we got to stand in the area infront of the stage, it was so great, I really recommend that for the concert experience. I did get tired of standing towards the end of the concert, but it was truly worth it when we got to be so close to the band and everything happening around the show. During our day today we made sure to catch a little sightseeing of Stockholm and a good friend met up with us so we could spend some time together cause it had been over two years since we saw each other last. So I'm beyond happy about my weekend and I feel really lucky that I got to experience all of it.
If you also live in Sweden you still have time to catch Kiss, they come to Gothenburg on May 10th.
Have a good sunday night everybody!
Kiss World tour 2017.
Concert T-shirts.
Gene Simmons paid a visit to us out in the crowd towards the end of the show.
The final with all the confetti was amazing.
The back of Jake's concert shirt.
Random fact about me; I want to collect different cups from places I've been, concerts I've seen and so on. So Jake got me a Kiss cup and a similar for himself so we have matching, yes we are one of those couples, sometimes. The front had the Kiss picture and the back had the "I was there" print.
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