One of the places we visited while in Stockholm was Gallerian, which is a big mall that's located in the heart of Stockholm. I enjoy to visit a store in the mall by the name Tshirt Store! The name says it all, they sell alot of T-shirts with prints but also some little stuff like cups and sunglasses. It's a smaller store but it has a modern feel to it just like the products. It was the first time Jake visited the store and he liked it alot, he had more trouble than me deciding what shirt to pick out. In the end he decided on a black t-shirt with a print of Samuel Jackson from Pulp Fiction. I saw the ET parody shirt a year ago so when I saw that they still keep it in the store I had to get that one, the print always makes me laugh!
My shirt to the left and Jake's to the right.
My shirt with the ET parody print.
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