The other day my friend Viktoria and I met up for a fun day doing makeup together. We had decided to do Halloween makeup this time now that the weekend it's approching. Viktoria has gone to school for makeup and is so amazing at it! We started our makeup session by looking up looks we would like to try. Victoria decided to do a clown makeup on herself first and she showed me a deer makeup that she thought would look cool to my red hair and brown eyes! I have to say that I'm really happy about how my Bambi look turned out, considering that I kind of just started experimenting with makeup! Looking at the pictures afterwords I have to say however that I look like a mix between princess Leia and a lion with my red spacebuns, haha! But I really liked the deer makeup, fun idea for a Halloween party! For our second look we decided to try a vampire look on us both! I had bought some Halloween candy for us to eat while doing the makeup and among the things were candy blood bags containing a strawberry liquid. We thought that the fake blood bags would be such a fun prop for a photo that we decided to go with the vampire makeup for look number two. I did my base and eyeshadow and Viktoria made our bloody makeup! It turned out sooo amazing!! I loved how real she made the vampire bite look and the blood spatter was incredible. Also a fun look if you are looking for a more darker custome for halloween. 
My bloody vampire makeup by Viktoria!
The candy blood bags are bought from Dollarstore in Sweden.
The candy blood bag is a fun prop for a Halloween party!
My favorite picture of Viktoria's clown look!
I really liked the idea to have glitter around the eyes, really made the makeup pop.
My deer look!
The deer look was a fun idea for my red hair and brown eyes!

17 oktober 2017

Fall With ICA Home


I just bought this beautiful new candle! To be honest, it's probably going to be more of a decoration than lighted! I have chosen a lot of light colors for our walls and flooring in the house so I want candles and other decorations to bring the colors! I saw this candle at an ICA store in Likenäs which is close to were I grew up in Sweden. The store's name is ICA Nära Likenäs Allköp so if you are traveling to the Swedish Ski Resort Branäs this winter, you know where to stop by! ICA is a chain of grocery stores in Sweden, and even if you stop buy a smaller ICA like this one they usually have some shelfs with interior stuff like candles for your home. I love all the candles they provide at this ICA and I had to get this one! I loved the details of the design and the orange in it is perfect for the fall season that we now have! The scent of the candle is Ocean Breeze & Orange Blossom! Funny name for a scent cause you can't really imagine what scent Ocean Breeze together with Orange Blossom gives but it has an amazing scent. This candle can also be bought online at ICA Home, so press here if you want to buy the candle online!
My new candle, love the design and colors! Perfect for fall.
The scent of the candle is Ocean Breeze & Orange Blossom.
I tried something new today! I got inspired to try brownies topped with raspberries and Oreo cookies! Simple and fun! I used an ordinary brownie recipe that I found online and then I bought my ingredients! I chose frozen raspberries since it's no longer season for them here in Sweden. Once the batter was in the tin, I spread the raspberries and Oreo pieces around on the dough and then put it in the oven. So fast and easy! It was so gooood, even more delicious than I could imagine! The oreo and raspberry together with the brownie flavor complements each other so well. A good snack for fall nights infront of the tv or while doing homework! Serving it with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream makes it an amazing dessert for dinner parties. 
Close up on my brownies topped with Oreo and raspberries!
So yummy, must be tried! Serve with Vanilla Ice Cream or Whipped Cream for the ultimate dessert!