I tried something new today! I got inspired to try brownies topped with raspberries and Oreo cookies! Simple and fun! I used an ordinary brownie recipe that I found online and then I bought my ingredients! I chose frozen raspberries since it's no longer season for them here in Sweden. Once the batter was in the tin, I spread the raspberries and Oreo pieces around on the dough and then put it in the oven. So fast and easy! It was so gooood, even more delicious than I could imagine! The oreo and raspberry together with the brownie flavor complements each other so well. A good snack for fall nights infront of the tv or while doing homework! Serving it with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream makes it an amazing dessert for dinner parties. 
Close up on my brownies topped with Oreo and raspberries!
So yummy, must be tried! Serve with Vanilla Ice Cream or Whipped Cream for the ultimate dessert! 
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