4 september 2017

1st day in Germany


Today was my first time flying again since I left my Kentucky home in 2014 to go back home to Sweden after a year as an exchange student in America. I was very nervous to be flying again to be honest, pretty funny since flying alone to America my first time flying at all never bothered me for a second. It's a very happy moment though because my destination was Germany! I flew to Germany to spend 16 days with my German sister Janne. I call her my German sister because we lived in the same American family during our year as exchange students in Kentucky. Our year in USA really made us sisters because we made all our memories there together. It was a really special year to me and I consider her my America since she was always by my side
I'm looking forward to her showing me her country now that it's been three years since we explored a foreign country together. I landed in her home city Hamburg at lunch time today and our first day together has been spent at her beautiful house. I've met her family, we've been cooking, and just getting settled in. So right now we are enjoying a really calm evening together and planning for the rest of my time here.
I can't wait so see everything the country has to offer, and I feel so blessed to be here and how an exchange year can bring you so close to new people and new places. Make sure to visit the blog and follow my instagram stories as I explore Germany!
Loving my passport holder from Victoria's Secret.
Jake and Zack drove me to the airport.
In the air again!
Preparing for a delicious dinner at Janne's house.
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