It was unreal to wake up in Germany this morning and the excitement to be here is just undescribable. After getting ready me and Janne made ourself a delicious breakfast, while eating we commented on how beautiful the sun was shining, and how lucky we were since Hamburg usually is rainy on this part of the year. Because of the beautiful sun, Janne and her mom made a decision that the whole family should take a trip to the Baltic Sea when her sisters came home from school. On our way to the sea, I got to experience being on the Autobahn that Germany is so famous for. It's basiclly a highway were you can drive as fast as you want on certain parts of it. Scared is an understatement, haha! I believe that the fastest highways in Sweden gets up to 120 km/h (74 Miles per Hour) but on certain parts of the highway of the autobahn, you can go over 200 km/h (124 Miles per Hour), which we did. Scary and a new experience, haha, but at the same time it's one thing you might want to experience while in Germany. One thing I now can check off my bucket list! We drove to Grömitz beach were I got to see the Baltic Sea and the amazing surroundings. Grömitz is a summer resort that has many cute resturants, Ice cream café's, and stores. I got alooot of pictures throughout the day and I will let them speak for themselfs! So proud of the ones I got of Janne, really my favoriets so far.
Beautiful day but not warm enough to go swimming.
 The pictures of me are taken by Janne and edited by me, press here to head over to her blog.
I loved the beach chairs that you could rent. So cute and I have never seen them like this until now!
Fish sandwich for lunch! Bought from a local restaurant, basically a fried fillet of fish in a baguette, with remoulade sause.
 The cutest little duck family hanged out by one of the chairs.
 Love the look of this Crepe place, if I come by again I have to try something from here!
One of the many Ice Cream places, here we bought our Ice Cream. There were so many good kinds! It reminded me of American Ice Cream places like Cold Stone.
I chose Snickers and Black and White (Oreo flavour). Yummyyyyy.
Can't get over the Ice Cream vending machine!! We need these EVERYWHERE!
Love all my pictures but so proud of these. I mean how gorgoues is she!
Sister sister. Best part is to be reunited again!

Superfina bilder! :D

Svar: Tack så mycket! :D Älskar din blogg och dina bilder!
Jennie Stenmark

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