In the evening of my third day in Germany they were having a flea market in different bars in Hamburg. The flea market would start at 19:00 and be open until 23:00. Basically different bars had opened up for people to come out and sell their used clothing and as a customer you could walk from bar to bar to see the different items. We knew that we wanted to do this in the evening therefore the decision was made to go ahead and buy a day pass for the public transportation. It was really cheap for a whole day I thought, mine was around 6 euros (57 Sek or 7 dollars). So we combined the flea market with a day in Hamburg! My first day being in the middle of the city! Janne lives really close to the city so it didn't take long at all with bus and subway. Unfortunately since we had such beautiful weather on my second day it was time for some rain. It rained the whole day, nothing too bad but little rainy and grey outside. Hoping to get more chances with pictures of the city! One of my favorite experiences from the day was trying the Jim Block burger place. It's a fast food chain founded in Hamburg and it has had much success in the city and it has started to spread thoughout the country. It has a steakhouse feel but set up as a fastfood option. They have used pictures from Hamburg in the interior design and when you order you get a street name from the city on the receipt that they later call out when the food is ready! I think it's a really fun idea and it gives a really uniqe feeling!
 Janne showing me the Alster. Rainy day so we hope to get more chances to take pictures there.
 The huge central station in Hamburg, love the set up of the building, really powerful feeling.
Best experience of the day! Jim Block Burgers.
The theme of the interior design is the city were it was founded: Hamburg!
One of the subway stations.
Heading in to a part of the city with a lot of art.
Posters everywhere, love it!
 Pictures of me are taken by Janne and edited by me, press here for her blog.
One of the bars that were apart of the flea market.
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