On day number 5 here in Germany I got to experience grocery shopping in a German Supermarket for the first time! Of course there's not much difference from a Swedish one, but it's still a fun experience to see the different products and so on. The biggest thing for me was seeing that you can purchase stronger alcohol in the grocery store! You could for example find Baileys and Jägermeister in the regular grocery store here which is very different from what I'm used to seeing in Sweden. 3,5 % is the strongest we can have out on the shelves in a Swedish food store. I bought alot of the German chocolate Milka to bring home to my family and some other candies as well. After our trip to the grocery store Janne showed me a cosmetic store close by. To my surprise, they also sold souvenirs in the shop so I got a magnet and a black cup that lights up when you poor hot water in it. The picture that appears is a picture of the city! I Love souvenir stuff and since I also like to collect cups from different events, I tought it was a really fun item to have. 
The Sushi Bar inside the store.
Fresh Sushi ready to go!
In Germany strong alochol can be purchased in grocery stores.
Checking out after 30 minutes of me trying to decide which candy to choose.
Different Milka Chocolates and other German candies to bring home to my family.
My Magic Cup and a magnet for our fridge. In desperate need of magnets and I love the idea of collecting one from every place I visit.
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