Day 6 was a really fun day, maybe one of the best so far! Janne attended a wedding so her sisters asked if I wanted to come with in to town so they could show me a cupcake store close to the central station. It was raining alot in Hamburg for most of the day but luckily it ended in the afternoon. It was really special to me to get to spend the day with Janne's little sisters. I only have brothers myself so it was a lot of fun to spend the day with them. The Cupcake store was maybe my favorite from the day even though we did so much. The name of the Cupcake shop is Pink Ribbon Cupcakes and it's right by the central station which gives it a perfect location if you are visiting. They have so many kinds of cupcakes and they also sell small cheesecakes. All of them look so perfect and you can even get them to go. There's even little boxes if you're just grabbing one cupcake to go, but there's also bigger boxes that fits 6 of them. Really cute design on the to go boxes. I think it's a perfect place for a coffe with firends if you are like me and love sweet things. The store is little but very cute, I love the pink and the interior design. They also sell little cute things like cups with quotes. After spending some time eating cupcakes we headed in to the city to continue looking in stores. I bought a few things from New Yorker and Claire that I hope to put on the blog soon. A new store for me today was the store Lush that sell lots of Bath bombs, face masks, makeup and shampoos. We have the store in Sweden but I haven't been in one so far. Their concept is supposed to be very organic and I liked it alot. Good service and I loved that you could feel and smell all the products. Such a good day! A big thank you to the two sweetest girls in the world for a wonderful girl day! So happy I got to have little sisters for a day!
I Loved the interior design at the cupcake store.
Pink Ribbon Cupcakes that's located close to Hamburg's central station. A must in my opinion if you visit Hamburg!
All the cupcakes looked so good!
I chose the cupcake with flavour of the German Kinder chocolate. So delicious!
They sold little cute cups and other things at the shop.
Hamburg Central station, this end is the closest one to the cupcake shop.
Part of the central station.
Me and the girls had to walk in rain to get from place to place.
Janne's sisters introduced me to a store for beauty products called Lush.
I loved the different facemasks that you could see and purshace there.
Has anyone tried the chocolate mask?
So many different kinds of bath bombs!
 I would love to try this one!

Men gud så gott!! Måste dit 😃

Svar: Ja verkligen! Tänk på att ta med kontanter för på mindre ställen i Tyskland tar de ofta inte kort. Jag blev överraskad, så det är bra att alltid ha något med sig! :)
Jennie Stenmark

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