Day 7! What an incredible day! I don't even know were to begin. Janne was able to get us in a free tour of the Hamburg city hall. Probably the most incredible building I've seen so far, both from the inside and outside. I was not able to understand much of the information from the guide since the tour was in German, but Janne helped with translating. The building and all the rooms were just breathtaking. After our tour, we bought the most delicious sandwich from a small food place that was right infront of the city hall ( alot of small food places are located outside of it). The sandwich was so good, still craving it. We saw so much during the day, like Hamburg's harbor, the Alster again, and finally the Elbphilharmonie Plaza. Our feet really hurt when we got home, but I was beyond happy! We really took advantage of the sunshine and saw a lot of the city. Scroll down for some of my favorite pictures from the day!
The beautiful fountain located on the backside of Hamburg's city hall.
The pictures of me are taken by Janne and edited by me, click here to go to her blog!
Hamburg's incredible city hall!
Such a huge and beautiful building, no pictures could make it justice.
There was alot of cute and small little food places by the city hall.
The entrence of the city hall that's always open for the public to enter.
Tours like ours can be booked so you also can see the incredible rooms of the city hall.
Entering one of my favorite rooms from the tour.
No words for the beauty.
There was incredible wallpaper in all rooms, this one was made out of genuine leather. It is the original wallpaper as well!
Some of the silver that was not melted down when the Germans were afraid that Napoleon would come and try to steal the silver from the city hall.
Our tour got an exclusive when we got to see this golden book that never had been shown to the public before.
My absolute favorite room from the tour. You really have to stand in it to comprehand it's beauty.  
The best sandwich I've had! Crispy bread with melted mozzarella, tomatoes, pepper, arugula and soya. Yum!
Taking the boat instead of the subway to our destination!
The Elbphilharmonie Plaza were you can go in for free to get a little view over the water and the city.
We went up to see the view, alot of people because of the Blue Harbor week.
Piece of the Berlin Wall that you can see below the plaza.
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