On the evening of day 8 Janne's mom decided that we should be spontaneous and try to find a national park outside of Hamburg that is supposed to have Sahara sand. She told us that the sand has been transported by the wind there and she thought we might enjoy seeing the park. The name of the park is Boberger Dünen. We had a hard time finding it at first but after some driving, we found it! We made it just in time before it was too dark for us to be able to take pictures! It was a lovely little park and walking on the sand was just like walking on the beach. It was an unusual feeling to go from walking on a regular forest trail to ending up walking on beach sand in the middle of a German park. Cool experience, definitely recommend it if you are in the area! Best time of the year would propably be in the summer when the sand is lighter.
The picture of me is taken by Janne and edited by me, click here to visit her blog.
The view of the area we went to.
We made it just in time before it was completely dark.
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