I asked my hairdresser for advice on a good heath protecter for my hair, I've tried several ones from different chains but I felt like trying one from an actual hair place this time. I haven't felt like the ones I have tried in the past have helped that much and they've always had a too strong scent to me. Among the ones she recommended was the ELENI & CHRIS one. I feel really lucky with my hair, it's naturally shiny and has some volume but I'm in a period right now where I love to curl my hair so I feel that it's nice to try a heat protection creme to protect it from the heat of the curling iron. This creme apperently provides more than the heat protection, it's also supposed to strenghten, smooth and rebuild your hair, so it seems lika a really good all in one lotion if you feel like you want that. She told me that one application after a shower lasts you up to 5 more showers before you have to apply again, so the 150ml (5.1 fl oz) will last you awhile. It cost me 289sek which is about 36 dollars. Pretty pricey but it feels like a regular price if you want to try a proffestional product, and since it will last a while I felt like it was worth a try. I love the scent of the product, I feel like I just walked out of the hair salon when I wear it, it's not too strong in anyway, it's just perfect. Happy that I decided to try this product! If you know of a good hair product, make sure to comment on this post! 
Product cost was 289sek which is about 36 dollars.
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