25 december 2017


Christmas Fashion

Merry Christmas! I Hope everyone had a good Christmas Eve and a wonderful Christmas Day today! I spent my Christmas Eve with our entire family. It's tradition that we gather on Christmas Eve and open presents together after a good Christmas dinner. Today has been spent with my parents, my little brother, and Jake. It's been a really beautiful time and I am beyond grateful for my family. Wishing everybody a beautiful holiday! 
Wearing a long navy blue dress in this beautiful December weather! 
The dress is bought from 
Just loving a Christmas with a lot of snow. 
The back of this gorgeous dress. 

9 december 2017



Been wanting to cover this T-shirt from the BARBIE X MISSGUIDED collection for a while! The name of it is Barbie City T-shirt and it's a black tee from the brand Missguided. It's one of my favorite brands at the moment and I thought this shirt would be a nice match for a pair of oval sunglasses that I had been wanting for a while. It's a very diverse t-shirt, it can be matched with a lot of nice garments to make a unique look. In the pictures below I wear a pair of simple black highwaist jeans and my puffy winter jacket to it. It's a loose fit so I took a size smaller than I usually wear cause I wanted a tighter fit. Both the sunglasses and the shirt are bought from The Sunglasses were Nelly's own brand! Press here for the shirt.
The Barbie City T-shirt can be bought at
The Oval Sunglasses are one of Nelly's own brands.
The puffy jacket fashion this season is perfect for me because I'm always cold!
A selfie from my instagram of me wearing the t-shirt. Press here for my instagram.
I bought this Tom Tailor beanie while I was in Germany in September! It is from Tom Tailor's fall collections for men and I saw it while me and Janne were shopping in a mall in Hamburg! I really like the the red color and the Canada inspired patch! The company had also put a nice touch to the price tag, on the company tag they put a quote saying "Life Is A Game, Play It, Be Confident, Dress In Style". Really nice touch and it makes you more interested in their other products. I think that this beanie is really a nice unisex piece, I could not resist buying it for myself but I can also see buying it for my boyfriend. My favorite garment this winter!
My Tom Tailor beanie.
Wearing my beanie to this beautiful faux fur vest that I got at Tk Maxx in Berlin.
The leather jacket is from New Yorker and my jeans are bought at Bik Bok.
Favorite beanie this winter!