31 oktober 2018

Blue Knit

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One of the things I adore about this season is all the comfy clothes that come with it. My favorite pieces right now have to be leggings to warm dresses. This Blue knit dress below is a new one that I bought at the mall in Charlottenberg. It came in so many beautiful colors so it was hard to pick one, at the end I picked between the dark red or the dark blue but as you can see I had to go with blue. I styled this stress with a double buckle belt that I bought from Prettylittlething. When I bought the belt it was originally planned to go with jeans but I completely missed in the description that it has an elastic back to it so once it arrived I had no idea what to wear with it. However it still turned out to be a good purchase because it makes it perfect for fall looks like this when you want it over a dress or a coat. Plus it's much more comfortable for that then a belt with a stiff leather back would be. The handbag is a fringe faux leather bag that I got as a gift from one of my friends and I thought it went perfect together with the belt to add some western details into the look. So if you feel inspired to shop this look I've listed all the links to the different items below:
Knit Dress From Cubus.
Double Buckle Belt from Prettylittlething.
Get a look-a-like Bag from Zalando or search in Second Hand Stores.  
This blue knit dress has an incredibly warm, soft and beautiful yarn. 
The dress came in so many beautiful colors that it was hard ro pick one. 
Full look, grab your leggings and white sneakers to complete this comfy style. 
Details; My double buckle belt from Prettylittlething together with my blue knit dress.

6 oktober 2018

Girls' Day

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How was your friday? I had a good one spent with these amazing women! Part of my mom's job is to hold lectures and this Friday she was holding a lecture in Charlottenberg so I got the opportunity to tag along so I could get some things from the mall there. We started our day with Macdonald's for breakfast and before we went home I had some amazing fried chicken with sweet and sour for lunch! I was in need of some fall shoes so I found two pairs that I got. A Glitter store was closing for business, so I treated myself to a lot of pretty earrings as well. Hope everyone are having a beautiful weekend! 
Arriving to the Mall in Charlottenberg early on Friday morning. 
Mom and my sweet niece! 
Started our day with a good breakfast! 
I needed some fall shoes and here's one of the pairs I got! They are from Skopunkten. Press here to shop! 
Fall is here! I felt resentment at first but after this warm summer we've had it's nice to finally snuggle up in big sweaters and nice coats. The leaves have already started to get very orange here and this morning the fields were filled with frost when I walked our little dog baby Ari. Today was filled with running errands around and getting stuff done, but I was able to stop by this nice mural wall in a small town close to were I grew up. The wall was painted by artist Shalak Attack and Bruno Smoky. I have not been able to see the painting up close since it was made, so today I caught the oppertunity. It's gorgeous and I definately recommend to stop by if you are in the area. Today I wore my new purple velvet set from Zara that I bought recently through second hand. I love strong colors and this material is perfect for fall. Can't wait for more cosy looks. What's your favotite fall look? 
Look of the day; Velvet shirt and pants from Zara. 
My silver choker is from Bik Bok
Me in front of one of the walls painted by Shalak Attack and Bruno Smoky in Värmland, Sweden. 
Loving this comfy look, what's your favorite fall look?