Mixing buisness with pleasure! Monday was a good start on the week, Jake and I was running errands all day but in between all of that we were able to grab some amazing food in the Mitt i City Mall in Karlstad. We ate at the resturant Yomo wich is located inside the mall close by one of the entrences. They serve amazing Wok and Thai dishes and we had their delicious lunch buffet. I loved this place and the food was incredible. The photography nerd in me looooved their interior design too of course. 
The interior design in this place is so incredible. 
Beautiful details create the feeling in this amazing place. 
The restaurant have these beautiful lamps all over!
The lunch buffet was sooo good and I of course went for my favorite; fried chicken and sweet and sour sauce but there was a wide variety!
We will definitely be coming back here and maybe even try their After Wok offer on Friday's.
Day 14 Janne took me out to try a breakfast place that she likes called May. It's located in Hamburg, but on the outside of the city. It was an all you can eat breakfast buffet, so it was a bit like having hotel breakfast. I got to borrow her mom's bicycle and we rode our bicycles down to the café and later into an shopping area. We spent the whole day looking in stores and actually found a lot of stuff! I really needed shoes so among the things I bought was shoes from Deichmann! We have Deichmann in Sweden as well but I really needed new sneakers so I wanted to go in and look for a pair since I had not found any to buy so far. I loved their selection of shoes and I could have brought a whole suitcase of them with me home, haha. In the end, I decided that I needed to settle for 3, one pair of sport shoes, sneakers and finally a pair of velvet high heels that I had been looking for during the whole trip. It's not often that I find shoes that I like, so I was happy that I was able to get these. In the evening we went to a local October Fest tent that just had been put up. Even though it's not October yet, some tents start earlier. Around the tent there were cute little food tents and Janne's family bought their favorite German dessert called Schmalzkuchen so that I could try it. Recommending that!
Day 15, my last full day in Germany! Janne and I returned to a mall we had visited the day before to return some items that her sister did not want to keep. Like always when we are together in malls, we find time flying cause there always comes up new store or items that we want to see. Later that night we attended the bar 20Up. It's a bar close to the heart of Hamburg, a big must for tourist I think. It's 20 stories up in a hotel and it's all glass windows so you have an incredible view over the harbor and the city of Hamburg. A reminder if you want to visit the bar just like anywhere else in Germany; always bring cash. I'm so used to always being able to use my credit card in Sweden. This bar did take credit cards but over the amount of 25 euro (238SEK / 30 Dollars). I really loved the look of the bar, english menu avaliable, the care they put into the look of the drinks, the amazing staff and that you did not need to pay for entrance or wardrobe. If you are going to Hamburg, you definitely need 20Up on your list!
My new sneakers from Deichmann! I really liked the detail of having an elastic part going over the laces.
My new shoes for workout! Loved this color!
I sometime have a hard time finding shoes I like but I fell for these right away.
Velvet shoes! My favorite look this season so I was beyond happy when I found these beauties.
The color is like a grey purple, a really beautiful colors that goes with a lot. All shoes are from Deichmann.
Thought it was so charming how they sell October Fest clothes in regular clothing stores like New Yorker for example.
Haha, my favorite pose for the October Fest collection.
His and Hers October Fest look!
The Breakfast place Janne took me to.
All you can eat breakfast buffet and ecspecially all you can drink Orange juice, Yummmm.
Hello from me on day 14!
It was really the perfect day to ride our bicycles.
Three pair of shoes later, was not sure if I would be able to fit them all in the basket!
Calm evening peeking into the October Fest tent, it would have been a lot more people if it was a weekend night. 
The German dessert Schmalzkuchen topped with Icing Sugar, you eat it with sticks.
Welcome to bar 20Up! 
The must if you ever visit Hamburg, increible view over the city and its Harbor.
A view over the city.
A picture of the interior.
Janne and I spent our Tuesday and Wednesday in Berlin! My excitement was beyond words! She had booked bus tickets for us so we could spend one night in Berlin and have two days of sightseeing. It is about a three hour drive to Berlin from Hamburg depending on traffic.The way there took a little longer because we left around nine in the morning when more cars are on the road, while the way home even went faster since we left in the evening. Our first day in Berlin we checked in to our hotel which was Azimut Hotel. The hotel is located close to a shopping street so the decision was made that the first day would be a shopping day and the second one would be our sightseeing day. The funny thing though, after a whole day of walking I had only found a sweatshirt and Janne had not found anything. I guess we aren't a fan of the fall collections cause we usually don't have a problem to find stuff we want to buy, haha!
Wednesday we woke up to the rain pooring in Berlin and we started to think that we had made a huge mistake choosing the first day to walk in stores. Luckily, after running around in the rain looking for our first destination, the rain stopped and we could walk along the East Side Gallery without an umbrella. We were able to catch a lot of the different sightseeing places during our day. Among this we saw what's left of the Berlin Wall, which is the East Side Gallery today, the Museum Island, The Berlin Cathedral, The Reichtag Parliament Building, Berlin Fernsehturm, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Brandenburger Tor and finally the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe. It was a wonderful two days so a huge thank you to Janne for giving me this experience. I am so so grateful, I'm just speechless with gratitude and I will for sure remember this trip till the end of time. Thank you so much!
Brandenburger Tor which has become a symbol for Berlin.
Looked forward to seeing this long before we even started our trip.
So beautiful and simply a must if you visit Berlin.
East Side Gallery, what remains of the Berlin Wall.
The Wall have so many different paintings by so many different artists.
My parhaps favorite painting on the wall. The Berlin Wall should be a reminder that we need to spread love and peace. The Wall was torn down in 1989 with celebration after years of pain. Why would we want to go back in time and build new walls?
Make love not walls.
One of the most popular paintings of the wall.  
One of Janne's favorites!
Propbably the most famous painting from the Wall called "My God, Help Me Survive This Deadly Love".
Loved all the colors of this huge painting.
All pictures of me are taken by Janne and edited by me. Press here to visit her blog.
So many different paintings, so many different feelings.
One of the places we ate at was Peter Pane which is a burger restaurant inspired by the fairytale Peter Pan.
They have really nice interior that's supposed to remind you of Neverland, and on the restrooms they even play the fairytale in the speakers
Here you can get the menu in English and it looks like a storybook! I loved my avocado burger.
The gorgeous Berlin Cathedral.   
Berlin Fernsehturm
Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe.
Also known as The Holocaust Memorial.
Many feelings here and I feel like a moment of silence is in order.