Sunday night I attended a Disney themed party. I chose to be Ariel from the little mermaid! Childhood dream come true, and a fun project to work with! My cousin Viktoria and I decided to both be mermaids so we made our costumes together. I sewed our fishtails and then we spent a few evenings together gluing seashell crowns and mermaid bras. Scroll down to see all the pictures!
Ariel details.
Close up on the make up.
I loved the glitter details.
Progress picture. I used a white bra from my favorite brand Hunkemöller
I glued pearls to get the shape of sea shells. Afterwards I sprayed it purple. 
My finished bra! After spraying it purple I added crystals and some shells as a final detail.
Viktoria's bra turned out soo incredible to her fabric.
Both of the crowns that we made, mine to the left and Viktoria's to the right. 
So happy about how the fishtail turned out, it became so much better than I ever could have imagined. 
Some polaroids from the evening!
Jake wanted to be Aladdin so I made his entire costume but after getting off work late into the evening he decided to skip the hat and sandals. 
Our childhood dream come true, being mermaids for an evening!
The third and last part covering this beautiful wedding! This part will be featuring the black and white favorites. I am really happy about how all of these wedding pictures turned out and it was soo much fun getting this oppertunity! A big thank you to the couple for this honor and for letting me capture their special day! Scroll down for the last pictures from this September wedding.
Holding his bride close! Romantic picture and I love how it also captures the details of the dress. 
Picture from inside this cute little church.
Joining the guests as Mr and Mrs!
Guests taking the oppertunity to catch some pictures of the newlyweds.
Big hugs from friends!
And of course a good look at the wedding ring!
The reception in black and white.
Mr and Mrs details in black and white. 
The black and whites gives it such a movie feeling!
Beautiful and creative decorations.
The lights really set the mood in this room! Romance is in the air. 
Part two of the wedding photography will be featuring my personal favorites in color! The couple wished to have their pictures taken before the ceremony, a very good choice I have to say! SInce all the pictures were taken before the ceremony they could join and enjoy time with the guests before the dinner. Scroll down for some of my favorites pictures from the wedding day!
"I Want All Of You, Forever, You And Me, Everyday". A romantic walk in the fall colors of the Swedish forest.
This picture must be one of my top two favorites from the day. 
Big smiles on a big day!
Close up on the bouquet. The color theme for the wedding was purple so among the purple details were of course the ribbon around the flowers.
Getting adjusted before church!
Coming out of the church as Mr and Mrs.
The groom was not a fan of the rice, haha.
The stunning bridesmaid emotional after the beautiful cermony.
One of the bride's wishes was to take this pictures with all of the guests standing in the shape of a heart. So after me climbing very "gracefully" up a narrow stairway in my long gown we were able to get this shot!
A moment to remember! The bride with her mother and sister.
The mother and bride, a special moment together.
Family picture infront of this nice mustang that the couple drove around in before the wedding!
"Uuuuh grooosss". 
Picture of the happy brothers messing around! Funny that I didn't even have to ask them to pose for a picture. I love when you're just able to catch natural moments of people having fun together.