The third and last part covering this beautiful wedding! This part will be featuring the black and white favorites. I am really happy about how all of these wedding pictures turned out and it was soo much fun getting this oppertunity! A big thank you to the couple for this honor and for letting me capture their special day! Scroll down for the last pictures from this September wedding.
Holding his bride close! Romantic picture and I love how it also captures the details of the dress. 
Picture from inside this cute little church.
Joining the guests as Mr and Mrs!
Guests taking the oppertunity to catch some pictures of the newlyweds.
Big hugs from friends!
And of course a good look at the wedding ring!
The reception in black and white.
Mr and Mrs details in black and white. 
The black and whites gives it such a movie feeling!
Beautiful and creative decorations.
The lights really set the mood in this room! Romance is in the air. 
With all the white snow outside right now I thought it was time to look back at all the beautiful colors of September! I got asked to take pictures at a wedding of two close friends of the family, I was so honored and it was so much fun! The bride had wished for a colorful fall wedding and therefore set the date towards the end of September. I will divide this wedding into three posts and for part one I will be showing our lovely preparation photos! When my camera and I arrived in the morning of the wedding day the decoratons were all up and ready in the reception room. The bride and her sister, who would be her bridesmaid during this special day, had just arrived and started the process of getting ready. The bride and I shared the wish of preparation pictures so I shoot some pictures of her getting her hair and makeup done and in between I also got a lot of great pictures of their goooooorgeous setting for the wedding party. They had decorated the room all by themselfs the evening before. Simply breathtaking, I really fell inlove with how they decorated the place. So if you are looking for inspiration for your wedding, keep scrolling down. 
The beautiful reception room! 
The color theme for the wedding was purple so the room was decorated with a lot of gorgeous purple details.
Detail shoot of the beautiful decorations in the ceiling.
The couple had together with some members of the family decorated all of this by themselfs.
A truly magical choice for the wedding reception.
The bride and groom's table.
Mr & Mrs. Details from the bride and groom's table.
They chose silver ribbons for the bride and groom's table. Loved that contrast from the guest's purple!
Who doesn't love some Wedding Bingo? Love this idea!
The placement cards! Black butterflies with beautiful detailed wings.
Creative table decorations! 
Getting ready for the big day! The bride squad took advantage of the little kitchen connected to the dining room for makeup and hair duties.
The bride's hair before pearls were added for the final touch.
Not much left!
Earings in and hair is done!
The final touch, the veil!
A happy bride!
The bride and bridesmaid about ready for the big dag!
Sister sister! What better bridesmaid to have than your sister?
Big smiles on two beautiful sisters! Making us all jealous with their special bond.  
Oh dear where did the time go? But it seems to be tradition after becoming an adult that working and being busy makes december fly by and suddenly it's christmas! Luckily I feel like I've been able to get most things done by now to avoid last minute stress. We actually made most of our christmas shopping this year online and I feel like that was a really good choice. I mean I can't really complain about doing my shopping in sweatpants in the couch after work! Due to a busy month, we have just started getting our decorations out, check out some of our new decorations below that I recently bought from the interior company Jysk. Do you have a favorite decoration this year? 
Our "Oh Deer Christmas Is Here" doormat that plays on words from Jysk.
A little modern and festive Christmas tree that I put on our tv bench. Very cute and also from Jysk!