An early christmas present! I've found that a lot of American houses always smells so good and a lot of times they use these scented wax pieces to make their house smell so good. I was so amazed by these and expressed to Kim, who we stayed with while we were down there, how amazing her house smells and how I love these! I have not seen anything like these in Sweden but I'm sure that they are out here. I suppose it might be more common in the US, cause you can buy the wax pieces just at your local grocery store! So before we were to fly home Kim surprised me with the gift of a wax holder and four different wax scents and I was beyond happy!! The most amazing present cause I'm so in love with how good the house smells with these! They really make our whole house smell just by using a small little wax piece! In my opinion they last very long as well and when they no longer make any smell Kim gave me an amazing advice for how to remove the wax from the holder; you just put it in the freezer for a few minutes and it will fall right out as a complete piece without leaving any mess! So grateful for this gift! Have you tried these?
I'm so in love with this! The different wax pieces that Kim got me and the white wax holder! 
You put a regular candle underneath the wax and that makes the wax melt and that way it makes your house smell so amazing!
So happy about my new poster! I'm working on my makeup vanity area whenever I have the time, it's going slow cause I have a lot of work and other projects right now that need my time so it's far from done! However, I've been looking at this poster for over a year now so I finally decided to buy it! I'm wanting to use gold details in the room so this poster is a perfect detail. The gold frame is bought at Rusta.  It's from the interior company Jotex, press here to find it!
My new poster hung up by my makeup vanity! Note: The waves are from the reflectons in the glass.
The gold frame is from Rusta and the poster is from Jotex.
During the winter we surprised my fiancé Jake with a finished music room in our house! When Jake and I moved in to this house this room was a yellow little bedroom next to the kitchen but I said from the start that it should be turned into his very own music office. It was one of the first rooms we painted together last year and my parents surprised us with a new floor in it when we got home from a vacation last spring. Because of work and other things coming up in life we have not been able to do more with the room since. So my parents, my little brother and I decided to surprise Jake for his birthday by having this room done. However because of different items being delayed he got this present later but it really turned out nice. The most incredible thing about this room is the guitar frame that my father made for Jake! He made it from scratch and he even put lights in it, it simply looks incredible! I was lost for words when I got home and saw it up on the wall! It sure has a Hard Rock Cafe feeling. So if you're looking for a unique piece for your music room my dad has the answer! A big shout out and thank you to my dad, you are so talented, I wish I had half your knowledge. 
The incredible guitar frame dad made for Jake's guitars 
We used some of the furnitures that came with the house, the chair came with the house and the desk was a gift from my parents. 
Plenty of room on the desk and walls so he can fill with things of his choice. 
New lamp screen from Rusta called Oslo. 
Idea I got from Pinterest, a frame he could fill with picks. And some silly pictures him and his friend Zack when he came to visit from America. 
Some of our pictures, my favorite one is when our fur baby was little and they fell asleep next to each other. 
Can't thank dad enough for this!