Late evening here in Sweden and i'm slowly trying to work through my pictures from the end of 2018. I have to share these two that I posted on my instagram here recently! I took these with my phone over Chicago when we were coming in over the city late in the eveing! The sun had almost set and the city lights in the dark completly took my breath away. This was my first time flying into a city in the dark and it's incredible how beautiful it is from the sky. The end of 2018 was tough but when things are it's still important to look around and see the beauty in what still remains! Good night!
Picture I took with my iphone over Chicago!
How beautiful the city is from the sky!
I adore these pictures I got of Jake and Kim and Joe's dog Charlie! It's incredibe how good pictures your Iphone can do sometimes. This was pictures that I was able to catch in the moment, that's whats so amazing about phones, that they are usually closer to you than your camera is so when you want to capture special moments they can usually do a pretty good job too. Charlie completely won our hearts while we lived with Kim and Joe. He was a homeless dog that showed up on their doorstep one day and they took him in. Every dog deserves a loving home were they are always safe and treated with love and respect. It makes my heart warm knowing that litte Charlie will always have that in their loving home. He's such a happy little dog despite everything he's probably gone through and he always greeted us with the happiest wiggle whenever we showed up in the drive way. His happiness and excitement always made our hearts feel lighter since we were going through a hard time dealing with our grief. We love our Charlie and we can't wait until we get to see his sweet face next time! 
Jake and Charlie playing in the front yard!
Charlie's happiness and excitement makes everything a little easier! 
"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life"; a gorgeous sign Kim made from an old door, perfect background to my two boys. 
An early christmas present! I've found that a lot of American houses always smells so good and a lot of times they use these scented wax pieces to make their house smell so good. I was so amazed by these and expressed to Kim, who we stayed with while we were down there, how amazing her house smells and how I love these! I have not seen anything like these in Sweden but I'm sure that they are out here. I suppose it might be more common in the US, cause you can buy the wax pieces just at your local grocery store! So before we were to fly home Kim surprised me with the gift of a wax holder and four different wax scents and I was beyond happy!! The most amazing present cause I'm so in love with how good the house smells with these! They really make our whole house smell just by using a small little wax piece! In my opinion they last very long as well and when they no longer make any smell Kim gave me an amazing advice for how to remove the wax from the holder; you just put it in the freezer for a few minutes and it will fall right out as a complete piece without leaving any mess! So grateful for this gift! Have you tried these?
I'm so in love with this! The different wax pieces that Kim got me and the white wax holder! 
You put a regular candle underneath the wax and that makes the wax melt and that way it makes your house smell so amazing!