24 juni 2018

Midsummer 2018

Fashion Life

I hope everyone had a happy and safe midsummer! Mine was well spent at home with my amazing family eating good food, and enjoying nice conversations. If you don't know what midsummer is, it's an old Swedish tradition/holiday that we celebrate on the day that's going to have the longest night of the year (when the sun is going to be up the longest). After this night it's going to start being darker nights here again. Everybody celebrates differently, some have big dinners with a lot of friends, some go out to local parties to dance and eat and then there's my family that likes to have a calm day ar home spending the day together. This midsummer was very cold here, very windy and rainy so instead of wearing the short summer dress that I had planned on I went with a longer one. This year I did not make the classic flower crown for my hair but instead I picked flowers and leaves at home to make a beautiful bouquet to decorate our dinner table. Scroll down to see my midsummer pictures from this year.
Midsummer 2018.
On vacation in the U.S. right now and the weekend was spent in Nashville after having an unforgettable week visiting family and friends in Kentucky! In Nashville we first stayed at a really bad hotel were somebody actually fired a shot into our hotel room. We swiched hotel and stayed at the Quality Inn Downtown instead. Good hotel with a cool guitar pool. After having the experience with the shooting where I almost got shot, I recommend choosing more expensive hotels even if you are traveling on a budget. I'd rather spend more money if it lowers the risk of having such an experience again! I understand that this could happen anywhere but look out for yourself when traveling in a different country! So to happier things, check out my lovely Elvis pajamas below! When in Nashville you gotta sleep in style! This pajamas could be bought at the local souvenir shops in Nashville. It only comes in big sizes but they are smaller than what they say! Mine is an XL cause that's the only size left while I was there but as you can see it's not looking too bad! 
Be safe and take care of each other! 
It's been over a year now since my fiancé Jake moved to Sweden from America. It's been an experience seeing him learn and be apart of my culture just like it was amazing for me to be a part of the American one when I was an exhange student. Christmas has always been a special holiday for me! My parents would always have some kind of advent calendars for me and my little brother when we were growing up and it was a very wonderful part of our childhood just like I think it is for many other Swedish people and Europeans. The Advent Calendars seem to have become very popular in different shapes and forms among adults. I've so far heard about calendars with cheese, wine, chocolates or even teas. I love december and think it's a sweet period to enjoy before Christmas, so this year I decided to make an advent calender so Jake could experience that part of our christmas celebration. He is diabetic so I've had to be creative about the presents and not put any kind of candy in the packages. I bought most of my presents from the chain Dollarstore since they keep a low price on all of their products. With 24 packages in an advent calender it's good to have a budget and I decided to keep mine lower since I want to put more into my christmas presents instead. My suggestions for presents to an advent calender would be; lottery tickets, beer, deodorant, gum, tea or anything else you might find for a good price. Scroll down to see some of the 24 things I put in Jake's calender.
A beer glass with the text "It's The Most Wonderful Time For A Beer". Cost 30SEK = 3,59$
The Advent Calender before I drew the numbers on the presents.
I bought the metal tree from Dollarstore and sprayed it silver! 
I also found the lights at Dollarstore and they look like clothespins but with lights attached to them. 
Close up on the clothespins.
Perfume for men from Dollarstore. Cost 50SEK = 5,98$.
Cough Drop with mint flavor from Lagerhaus. Cost 10SEK = 1,20$.
Jumbo Yatzy. Cost 20SEK = 2,39$.
A binder for Jake's swedish classes. 10SEK = 1,20$.
Jake has his own music room in our house so got this fun christmas decoration for it!
Jake's favorite color is green so I got this festive soap for the holidays from Dollarstore!