On saturday I was asked if I could take a few pictures at the resturant Nedergården that's located close to the ski resort Branäs in Sweden. They were having a wedding, so they wanted me to take a few pictures of the table setting, food, and the lucky couple. The building of the resturant used to be a stable, but was turned into a resturant. They serve a lot of fun dishes that you usually wouldn't find at other places such as Moose burgers and Moose pizzas. For the wedding however they had a special menu for the party. It was their first time hosting a wedding so it was a very special evening for everybody. Scroll down for a few of my pictures from the evening.
Dessert; apples, vanilla ice cream, raspberry sorbet from a local factory. Oat cookies and flower petels for decoration.
The beautiful couple.
 LOOOVED her wedding dress.