The other day my family and I took Zack to see the the Swedish bunkers from World War II, which are located in the forest of Höljes, close to the Norweigan boarder. Even though Sweden remained neutral thoughout the war, we still had men placed by the border in case the Germans would decide to attack us from Norway. I don't know much about these bunkers, since there wasn't many signs put up, but basically it looked like safe places for the soldiers incase of an attack. They would also be able to fire their weapons from within the bunkers because of the vantage points in the ceiling that would provide an accurate shot, no matter the angle. The bunkers can be visited at Höljes Skans.
Zack sitting on the rocks that were put up to stop tanks from passing through.
A small information sign to one of the bunks that said : "Safe room for 12 people".
The vantage points in the ceiling to shoot from.
Water well for the soldiers.
Towards the end of the field you could see this little house down from a steep hill, I'm guessing that it's been put up for tourists.
Stream that passed by the little house.
Our puppy, Ari, got to join us on out walk in the woods.
So did his brother Azzi.
Mom and dad peeking out from one of the barricades.
There was several of these bunkers placed out along the area.
They were open so tourist can see how they look like from within.
Dusting off after a climb back out.
My brother Erik and Jake's best friend Zack.