Day 16, my final day in Germany. The day only consisted of me packing down my last things and making myself ready for my flight. My plane would depart at lunchtime so there really was not time for anything else. This trip went incredibly fast and I can't believe that it's already over. I feel so so lucky for everything I got to experience and everything Janne and her family did for me during my time there. A big thank you to everyone, no words can describe my gratitude enough! Scroll down for all my pictures from the flight and my last day in Germany!
One of my favorite pictures from the flight!
This view made it look like we were so close to space in a way.
I probably will never get over the beauty of flying.
My last picture of Germany while taking off!
While boarding! It was amazing flying with Norweigan from Hamburg, they boarded us all so quick.
Hamburg airport while checking in my luggage.