Day 11 in Germany. We got home really late after taking the bus home from Berlin to Hamburg. After we arrived at the bus station, we were going to take the subway and bus home to Janne. Because of the storm that had been here in Hamburg while we were away, trees had fallen over the train rails, so we had to wait longer than expected for our train. While home I fell straight in to bed and didn't wake up until late. We had decided to use this day to catch up with everything, and just be home! I was able to go through all my Berlin pictures, and also my souvenirs. I love souvenir stores, and I love being a tourist, so of course I had to bring some stuff home from Berlin! I think sending postcards is cute, and that it's a shame that not many people do that anymore. In Berlin, they sell regular postcards but also postcards that are supposed to have a piece of the Berlin Wall attached to them. I love this idea! I don't know for sure if it's a stone from the actual wall, but I thought it's a special thing that you won't see anywhere else so I had to get a few. They of course cost more so I also got a few regular ones as well. The Swedish postal service Postnord also offers to print your pictures if you upload them online and send it as a regular postcard anywhere in the world. I thought that this also sounded like such a fun idea, so I did this as well to a couple of my good friends. Press here if you also are on vacation and want to send a personal postcard.
Moving on to the other items I purchased! I had to have a magnet for my fridge, since Jake and I are new as home owners we find that we sometimes lack things, one of those things are magnets for our to do lists and reminders. When I was in America, I got inspired to buy one from every destination I had seen. I saw a couple who had magnets from every state they've been to, such a fun and cool Idea. So I got my Berlin magnet now! When Janne and I got to see Nashville with our host mom, I bought a picture frame to frame a picture we took together outside of Hard Rock Café. During our trip this time I bought a Berlin one to frame a picture from there. It's a sweet reminder of how lucky I've been to be apart of this journey and to have seen those things. Finally I had to get the sweatshirt saying "I Love Berlin". As a souvenir lover, you just gotta have it!
Do you have a favorite souvenir? Comment below!
The Berlin postcards with what is supposed to be an attached piece from the Berlin Wall that was torn down in 1989. My Berlin magnet is to the left!
My "I Love Berlin" sweatshirt.
The must for every souvenir lover.
The cute and personal picture frame.
The picture I might be putting in my frame!
Personal postcards are always the best! This is one of the pictures I had printed as a postcard.
Also had my favorite picture from the trip printed as a postcard.

That looks so nice. I miss Berlin, would love to visit soon again :)

Svar: Thank you, it really was! You should, really pretty city!! :)
Jennie Stenmark

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