On Day 12 Janne attended another wedding. I spent the day going through old pictures and organizing on my computer. The evenig was spent in front of some good movies eating a delicious Cookie Dough Ice Cream that her sweet mom had bought for me earlier in the week. Instead of buying one big box of Ice Cream their family buy a small box for each member of the family and write the name on the box so everybody has their own. It completely melted my heart when her mom came home from the grocery store the other day and showed me that she had bought one for me to put in the freezer for whenever I would be in the mood for Ice cream. The sweetest woman! So day 12 was really a relaxed day and most of the last ones will probably be as well!
Day 13 a couple of Janne's friends came over for a game night! We cooked pizza rolls together, Janne's sister makes really delicious ones so she gaves us instructions and we all helped out. After dinner we teamed up and played the board game Activity. After Activity we all decided that we wanted to try the game Cards Over Humanity that Janne's sister just bought. There's a lot of controversity over the game because it can be very offensive. All in all we had a good time, some words in the game were considered a little too offensice but other that that everyone seemed to like it okay and it was a fun night!
The sweetest German mommy got me this amazing Cookie Dough Ice Cream!
This picture and the one below are taken by Janne's sister. We loved her pizza rolles!
The card game Cards Against Humanity.
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