It is easy to forget that the fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to the climate change. Being a fashion nerd I think it's important to try to remember that every now and then when you are going to shop. Second Hand shopping is something I enjoy very much because you never know what you might find and usually what you find can be pretty unique and not be in everyones closet at the moment. So in my opinion the best part of Second Hand is that It's much better for the envirement since you are not contributing to something being made again in a factory, good excuse for somebody that wants a reason to shop! It's much cheaper too! I found the top below at a local Second Hand shop! It lookes brand new and I love the details of the top! I want to wear it with a 90's feel so I wore it to my jeans and belt the other day. What's your recent Second Hand purchase?
Details of the top that I got from a local Red Cross Second Hand Store.