Christmas cookies! It's always been apart of my childhood to make cookies for christmas with my family. Mom and I managed to find a day when we both were off at the same time so we took the oppertunity to make some christmas cookies together. I saw these cute Reindeer gingerbread cookies online that I wanted to attempt. We decided to be lazy and bought the ready cookie dough from the grocery store. It turned out that I did not have a round cookie cutter so we used a drinking glass to cut out the cookies instead. When they were done in the oven I let them cool off before I started to create the reindeer! Mom made a choclate icing that worked really good, but I think melted chocolate might work good as well. I put the icing in a piping bag and made a really small cut in the tip. For the nose we bought our traditional swedish Non Stop but I'm sure that red M&M's are perfect too. A really simply but cute cookie. I practiced on some of our burnt cookies a few times before I felt satisfied and started using my red non stop. And the result you can see below! What chirstmas cookies are you making this year? 
My reindeer gingerbread cookies!
First I practiced with the icing on some burnt cookies to get the reindeer looking right. 
One of my favorite parts about christmas are moments together making cookies.
Red Non Stop or M&M's are perfect to make these cute little rudolf cookies. 
Nothing like seeing the snow outside and the scent of fresh gingerbread cookies!
Close up! What christmas cookies are you making this year?

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