I've been gone for a while but hopefully I'm about to be back on here! Jake and I had to travel to United States for two weeks due to a death in our famiy. It's been a hard time for us both dealing with this grief but we did get to stay with two amazing people that helped us through this hard time while we were there to attend the funeral. During these two weeks we have been spoiled with so much love and care that there's simply no words for how grateful we are to our Joe and Kim. They took us out for a breather for a day to enjoy the amazing look of two gorgeous hotels in Indiana. It really helped us charge our batteries to be able to handle all the things ahead. I have never seen anthing as incredible as I got to see this day! So in this post you will be able to see the pictures I was able to take during our morning at West Baden Springs Hotel! You can walk around for free but if you ever are in Indiana I would definitely recommend booking a night here. This place took my breath away.
I enjoyed my view of West Baden's main hall in one of these gorgeous red chairs. 
My first view walking into the main hall.
The corridors of the hotel circled around the main hall and provided history of this old hotel and also some unique stores and a bar!
The doors in the hallway could eaither be to stores, private offices or even a bar!
Jake and his friend Alex laughing at an insult cup in one of the stores!
The interior in the ladies room was even incredible! Framed shoes to take you back to the old history and luxury of West Baden!
A framed purse to give you a glimpse of the history and the stories of  luxury. 
Kim and myself amazed by all the details just in this room!
One of my favorite rooms on our tour. Look at all those lights!
Taking our time looking at all the beautiful paintings and reading on the information signs about West Baden's history!
One of the many entrances to this huge building.
This view I could just have looked at forever. Such peace in this sunlight.
As you walk around you are also able to continue out to the outside of the hotel. 
Being tourists!
And then we got to the bar!
It of course cost more than your usual bar in America, but for us Swedes it's probably still cheaper for a beer than we are used to!
What a blessing this crew has been to me.
The Barber Shop! An example of one of the rooms that has been cept because of it's history. Here the guest could get their shoes shined
The place to get your shoes shined if you lived in the 1800's. Beautiful marbel and a great piece of history!
One of the information signs about the history of West Baden and it's restoration after it was abandoned. 
We finished our tour of West Baden in its main Hall. 
There are many rooms with a balcony over the main hall. Look at the massive christmas decor hanging from them!
It's a huuuge room with so much to take in
The ceiling is incredible and lets in all this natural white light. 
Many visitors walked around in their x-mas suits, a sight I have not yet seen in Sweden!
One of the many entrances to the main hall!
The biggest christmas tree I've ever seen is placed in the middle of the hall every season.
The original fireplace that was used to heat up the hotel is still intact but no longer in use. 
Now it's a beautiful place to dine!
Group picture! What an incredible family and I'm so grateful that I got to become apart of it during these past two weeks. 
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