While we were down in Kentucky Jake took me to the local diner in Fordsville were he lived before he moved out to Sweden to live with me. I had never been to the Fordsville Diner before, our dates while I lived out there were spent on resturants in other nearby towns. We had a nice lunch together and it was nice to hear about his different memories there with his mamaw. This day I wore my knitted beige skirt that I love. To it I wore some beige tights to stay warm and my white polo shirt. The snake print is trending right now so I matched the colors with my new faux snake skin bag. Scroll down for all the pictures!
This day I wore my knitted beige skirt that I love to a white polo shirt. 
Matched the snake print bag to the orher colors. 
Following Jake to the local diner in Fordsville. 
Fordsville diner, a cute little setting that is the perfect match to the diners in Sweden that wants the US look. 
Going through our menue first before we decided what to pick. 
Like always I got my precious pink lemonade and I decided to try the "Diner Burger" with cheese. 
Chocolate marenge pie! I have never had one, as far as I remember, so I had to try it even though I was stuffed!
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