This weekend I attended a wedding fair in Stockholm to learn more about weddings and all the things around it! This fair is called Bröllopsfeber and can be found in Älvsjö, just a little outside of Stockholm every year. It's basically a bunch of companies that gather to promote themselves for weddings in Sweden. Jake and I are engaged, but we don't have a date set yet and we don't plan on anything soon but I really wanted to see and learn more about everything to know where to start on a budget. Interesting and fun experience! Recommending it if you are like me and don't know much about weddings but would like to learn and see your options!
Headed to the first day of the wedding fair which was Saturday!
Who said dressing for cold weather has to be boring? 
Wearing my perfect knitted black dress from New Yorker with a belt from Primark. The big winter jacket really makes the look pop. 
The cute motel we stayed at, Motel L Älvsjö. 
Elevator pic, why not? 
The different companies at the fair had their own competitions, here I'm taking a mirror selfie to compete for a glamorous Icon Mirror! 
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