A treat for all the Fazer lovers! I love the candy Kinapuffar (Kina Snacks) and being a Pinterest addict I came across this recipe for Kladdkaka (Mudd Cake) with the candy as topping! It's also my mom's favorite candy so I decided to try to make this cake. It's simple and oh so good! It's of course very rich, so small bites are recommended but it's not too rich. Would definitely make this cake again! Yummy friday treat! All the credit to the woman that came up with this amazing combo, press here to find the recipe! 
I would recomend to check the time for your cake, I did the 30 minutes that are mentioned but that made my cake dry so I made a new one with shorter time in the oven! Have an amazing weekend!
Kladdkaka with Kinapuffar!
A goodie for all the chocolate lovers!
Serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream!
A yummy way to celebrate the weekend!
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