Mixing buisness with pleasure! Monday was a good start on the week, Jake and I was running errands all day but in between all of that we were able to grab some amazing food in the Mitt i City Mall in Karlstad. We ate at the resturant Yomo wich is located inside the mall close by one of the entrences. They serve amazing Wok and Thai dishes and we had their delicious lunch buffet. I loved this place and the food was incredible. The photography nerd in me looooved their interior design too of course. 
The interior design in this place is so incredible. 
Beautiful details create the feeling in this amazing place. 
The restaurant have these beautiful lamps all over!
The lunch buffet was sooo good and I of course went for my favorite; fried chicken and sweet and sour sauce but there was a wide variety!
We will definitely be coming back here and maybe even try their After Wok offer on Friday's.
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