21 oktober 2018

Date Night


What's your kind of saturday night? i have to say that I got to spend mine my favorite kind of way last night; in sweatpants, with snacks and both my guys beside me. Jake and I put together an incredible tray of snacks and made us a comfy little date night in the couch after a long week of work. On the tray we put grapes, crackers, strawberries, cheese, salami, chocolate from Toms and sour cream and onion flavored cashews. A simple but the most valuable kind of evenings in front of the TV together. Wishing everybody a safe and beautuful Sunday night! 
Jake and I put together this amazing tray of snacks for our date night in! 
I also tried the new chocolate from Toms with Ferrari candy pieces. 

Åh de ser så gott ut, ost är smaskens!

Svar: Visst är det! Det var jättegott och så lätt att slänga ihop!
Jennie Stenmark

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