11 september 2018

Start Me Up


New week new adventures, right? But before that I have to take a moment here to show my look from this weekend. I had an amazing saturday and sunday spent with my love and two of our best friends that came to visit us. It was a weekend filled with some good quality time and I didn't know how much I needed that. Now I'm rested and even more inspired for this fall that's ahead of us. My choice of clothing for this weekend was put together by some new goodies that I got while spending a few days in Stockholm with my dear Mama. The sunglasses are from a chain of Second Hand stores called Beyond Retro that you can find here and there in Stockholm. Second Hand clothing can sometimes be a little expensive, in my opinion, in our Capital but you usually can find a lot of trendy and nice pieces. Beyond Retro are one of my favorite places and these sunglasses seemed to be from their own collection since you could buy a few of the same model. The Rolling Stones shirt I bought from a T-shirt store that I'm beginning to love more and more and I decided to cut it off at the waist to match it with my new Vinyl pants from Gina Tricot. It's been hard for me to shop for Vinyl Pants because of my body type but I finally found these babies at a Gina Tricot sale this spring. My favorite part about this look is definitely the back print on the t-shirt ( I LOVE back prints) and the red from the sunglasses matching the T-shirt. Scroll down to see all the pictures and details. 
I LOVE back prints and this Rolling Stones shirt had a perfect one. 
Sunny side up. Front of this look, the red details are my favorite. 
My kind.of details, sunglasses from Beyond Retro and earrings from Gina Tricot. 
Ready to go out and about in the rain.
To keep warm in the rain I covered up with dad's old 90's Leather Jacket that he let me have. 
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