Some pictures from one of our sunny days in Varberg, Sweden. The camping place we stayed at is an old farm and it's surrounded by farmland, very beautiful setting. Jake showed my a nice walk path on the backside of the camping area that I have never notiched before (even though we have stayed here for what 4 years? Oops). He and his friend Zack saw it when they went around exploring when we were here in 2017. The owners have made a walk path in their field for guests and it is so pretty. It takes you down next to corn fields and one of the path takes you to a field with cows. So peaceful and beautiful. And cornfields feel so exotic to me since you don't see them in the area were I grew up, I've seen them from a distance during our vacations on the Swedish west coast and my first time being up close to one was during my exchange year in Kentucky in 2013. Scroll down for all the pictures from this pretty day!
The sun was shining in Varberg even though we were told it was going to rain all week. 
Our camping place has a beautiful walk path through the owner's field.
Loving the sun, loving this setting. 
Hair out and no musts, just relaxing together after a second shopping morning at Ullared. 
Already can't wait to be back here next year. 
My camera man showing me around.
Sweet walk together <3 
Stopping by to say hi to the cows on our walk!
Hanging out with these gals for a few minutes had me considering a drastic career change. 
And by minutes I mean that whole hour I stood out there asking them to love me.
However, I didn't get much of a reaction?
But most of these cuties seemed curious to see us.
Some would call this a corn field, I call this a candy store (I live for my fresh cooooorn).
And yes when I'm visiting America I have even been caught eating it to my cereal for breakfast. Don't judge, Jake is doing it for you.
Beautiful west coast, the best part to me is all the farming land. 
My top is from New Yorker and my jeans shorts are from Cubus
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