Our traditional family vacation has officially started! My family and I have gone down to the west coast for a few days, we've had this tradition since 2008. We've been here every year except for the summer my dad had cancer, in 2015.  It is probably going to rain the whole week we are down here but this week is going to be filled with a lot of shopping at Ullared and family games so it can pour all it wants. My mommy heart is missing my little fur baby at home but it feels very good to know that he is safe and happy with our amazing house/doggysitters. We arrived late last night and we ended our evening with some good food before we went to bed. Now we are excited for our first day here!
My nephew and I are ready for our West coast vacation here in Sweden!
On the road! Food stop on our way to our destination: Varberg.
Best part of these next days is being together with all of these people. 
Stocked up on pillows and blankets for the 5 hours we spent on the road. 
My nephew and I!
Arriving at our camping place at sundown!
We are here!
Stretching our legs while we wait on our turn to check in. 
They turned this old farm into this cute little camping and bed and breakfast. 
Mom and Isak happy to be here!
Our Gant boy ready to start waving down the legs on the camper!
Happy to finally be here after a long car trip, excited for these next several days!
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