On saturday I invited friends and family members for some birthday fika to celebrate my birthday that was earlier in the week. I didn't have time to bake anything special so I bought some finished oreo cakes, traditional swedish princess cake, and some other finished cookies and sweets. The only thing I baked myself was a mud cake with lactose free butter so there was something that my brother's girlfriend could try since she's intolerant. And to the mudd cake I also had some lactose free whipped cream. It turned out good considering that I throw it in the oven 30 mins before people showed up, but it's an easy and amazing recepie that I got from my mom.
I wore a new light blue playsuit from New Yorker that I got recently, wanted to take the oppertunity before summer is over! It is a very cute and flattering piece that I will try to wear as much as I can for the rest of this season and whenever the next one comes around. Scroll down for all the pictures from this beautiful day!
My light blue playsuit from New Yorker. 
Very cute and flattering piece. 
It has fabric attached so you can tie bows around your arm. 
Enjoying this nice day with my hair out.
And curled with my favorite wand. 
All smiles cause I know there's more cake.
And yes, the view my cake sees..
Ready for some fika!
Put my mud cake on this gourgoes marble plate that I got at Ullared last year.
All the yummy cookies. 
Random mix of cheese doodles, mud cake, cookies, and princess cake.
And Oreo cake of course!
Getting our go to family game set up; Kubb. 
Some of the guest had left by the time we set this up, but we decided to do a quick round of boy's against girls. 
The sun was strong but we were ready. 
But so was these guys. 
And since I managed to knock down the king on accident the game went to the boys.. oopsi
Jennie age 24, best part about birthdays? Absolutley things wrapped in paper. Avocados wrapped counts too. 
My brothers girlfriend is a keeper, teaching him to give me cards on my birthday (and yes the one time we went to the Ice cream factory definitely counts too). What we have learned today; The way into my brothers heart is by giving his sister sweets and birthday cards. 
The gift from my little brother and his girlfriend contained a cute little beware of the doggie sign (or more like beware of the crazy dog mommy sign).
And my cousin Viktoria knows me so well, spoiling me with make up stuff. This was a face mask brush and some incredible face masks from Peter Thomas Roth.
So happyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Look at these face masks!!!
She spoils me too much.
This glossy box was filled with amazing goodies, among them was an eyeliner that I really needed and an Marc Jacobs eyeshadow that I've been dying for, can't wait to try it!! 
Not easy getting my family together for a picture, from the left: My nephew, my mom, me, my niece, my little brother and my dad.
Afternoon snuggles with my boy! Jake took this picture after we all went inside after a day outside. 
Jake caught us off gaurd when we all had just gotten inside, and Ari was ready for some momma snuggles. 
Momma's boy <3 
Momma and Ari snuggles are the best snuggles, grateful to have those eyes looking up on me like that. The only thing that truly matters in the whole world <3 
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