24 augusti 2019

My Birthday

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My birthday was on wednesday this week! I had a wonderful day with a lot of sunshine and warm weather even though it's been kind of grey lately. I woke up to my parents ringing our door bell at eight o'clock to wish me a happy birthday. A Swedish tradition that my parents always did when we were little was to wake us up with cake and presents in bed! They are so sweet and I'm so grateful for still wanting to be there first thing in the morning. They brought me amazing breakfast and cookies so my day had a very good start. The rest of the day I spent with Jake out and about, also eating plenty of good food. We got chinese from my favorite resturant in Sweden and afterwards I did a little shopping. In the evening we stopped by my parents for dinner and so I could celebrate my niece that also has her birthday in august. I had attempted a little Minnie Mouse cake, and I got her some presents. All in all it was a good day! Scroll down for all the pictures from my day!
Minnie Mouse is my niece's favorite at the moment so I attempted a cake for her!
Mom and Dad stopped by with some amazing breakfast to wish me a Happy Birthday!
Chinese for lunch at my favorite resturant in Sweden.  
My nieces goofliing around.
Wilma trying to show Nova how to be Rock n roll. 
The happiness!
Focused cutie while opening presents. 
One of the things I got her was a unicorn hairband. 
Wima helping her little sister out. 
So focused watching her sister helping her put on the hairband. 
The prettiest little unicorn auntie ever did see!!!
The excitement!
Showing how much she turns <3 
Time for some cake!
Hard work opening presents.
And it sometimes needs some teamwork!
Family fika. 
Sweet sisters.
Tired and happy to be back home after a day out and about.
Ready to call it a night. 
Angelica Wåhlin

Grattis i efterskott!

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