During our vacation on the west coast my brother and his girlfriend (who is from that area of Sweden) wanted to take us on a little surprise trip. We met up with them at her cabin in Falkenberg and followed them from there. We started guessing in the car but I really had no idea, but when it started saying Slöinge on the signs my dad guessed that we were going to the ice cream factory of one of Sweden's major Ice cream companys who are located in that city. To my happiness his guess was right. We passed by the factory and parked by the Ice Cream shop that is next to it. Oh my world. All I can say is if you are on the west coast of Sweden and you have a sweet tooth just like me; GO THERE. Who would you want to go here with? Scroll down for all our pictures.
Since I was holding the camera dad had to show my happiness for me!
Mom, dad, Jake and I on the road from Falkenberg trying to guess where they are taking us. 
The Ice Cream factory for SIA!
Next to it is the road that takes you to the Ice Cream shop.
Ice cream this waaaaay.
Cute little place to sit down at outside of the store, but it was a grey day so we stayed inside.
There was so much good stuff you could buy, here are their cones and sauses.
I wanted to have one of each sause. Yuuum Yuuuum. 
Souvenirs, you know I was in complete tourist mode.  
Everything from water bottles to towels. 
Cute beach game with their logo. 
Now all the Ice Cream...
So much to choose from, lactos free as well.
Mom and my nephew.
Dad and I.
Their sorbet Ice cream is so amazing as well.
My little brother and his girlfriend took us here. 
So many kinds, so little time. 
You could also buy boxes of the cones that are sold in grocery stores. 
And there was a lot of the defects that you could get for a lot cheaper. 
In the kiosk you could buy scoops of all the flavors but also finished cones that we sell in grocery stores. 
All the flavors, had such a hard time to choose. 
Everybody gets a number so you don't have to stand in line. 
I ended up chosing the "Brownie", "Crispy nougat" and the lactos free "Cookie", 
I loved my choices, all the flavors were amazing. 
Before we left we got some ice cream to take to the camper and I got some souvenirs. 
Thank you to these two love birds for taking me to this heaven on earh.
Taking my nephews picture before we left.