It was 1st of Advent yesterday! (=The First sunday in December). I am needed for family matters at the moment so I'm probably skipping most of the traditional December stuff this year, but I'm enjoying the beauty of this season instead. These pictures were taken right before I left my house to spend quality time with our family! My favorite part about my outfit is my new Fanny Pack, looook at ittt. Scroll down for all my pictures and links to my look.
It's a beautiful season, living in a postcard!
We have gotten so much snow, and I'm loving it. 
My view, feeling so grateful for my country home. 
My new Fanny Pack from New Yorker is my favorite part about this outfit. Press here for it.
Press here for my shoes!
Smiling about this beautiful scenery, and my Fanny pack, well mostly my Fanny pack.
What did you do yesterday?
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