I hope everyone had a safe and calm Christmas. I had a good one, a little extra grateful for our family this year since we have been grieving the loss of my grandpa. We layed him to rest on December 19th, so it's been a lot of emotions for all of us. My younger brotther and his girlfriend were hosts this year. In Sweden we usually celebrate on Christmas Eve so that's when we all gathered at their place. All of us brought something to the table and we had an evening filled with good food and to the kids happiness Santa dropped by too. I wore a gorgeous long white dress from Nelly, scroll down for the link. What did you do for X-mas?
This dress was a dream, princess for a day. 
Weak for a dress with a good slit. 
The belt was so flattering.
What did you wish for Christmas? 
It started snowing after I took the picture, couldn't have been a more beautiful day.
The back of this dress though!
Press here for the link to the dress. 
We all brought something to our family's Christmas table, we had a delicious meal. 
My oldest niece and I with our antlers.
My nephew and my youngest niece.
Dad was in the Christmas spirit. 
My nephew borrowed my antlers for a picture.
My brother's oldest and youngest, aunties cuties. 
My niece also wanted to try on a hair band. 
My younger brother's Christmas tree. 
My niece trying to figure out which ones might be hers. 
Looking for Santa.
And to my niece's happiness, he dropped by.
Opening presents <3 
My family on our Christmas Eve gathering, missed Jake who had to work. 
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