Pictures from last weekend at the vehicle event in Backa, Värmland. It is close to were I grew up and I went there with my little brother and my oldest niece. My brother was showing his red mustang. The weather couldn't have been more perfect, it was sunny and warm. There was a lot of people and a lot of different vehicles. They have this event every summer and people can bring their old/new cars, airplanes, tractors and trucks to show. Some of the airplanes are actually taking turns in the air as well, and sometimes you can pay for a ride with a helecopter. I'm hoping to do that sometime in the future cause I think it's so beautiful here, I would love to see the nature I grew up in from the air. There was other things to do as well, there was candy toss for the kids which I took my smallest niece to, once we met up with my older brother. There was also good food from a local resturant; Spishyllan. My nieces and I also walked the quizwalk before it was time for the award cermony for best vehicles. Scroll down for all the pictures from this amazing day!
The vehicle event in Backa 2019, the weather was amazing!
My brother took his red mustang!
There was alot of different and impressive vehicles to see!
This local event brought out a lot of people!
Some of many cars!
There was also many different old models of snow mobiles as well!
Many wanted to see this impressive cadillac with the matching boat attached to the back.
There were stages for the speakers and events like the candy toss and the award cermony. 
There were even bus loads of people that came out. 
My youngest niece was happy about the candy she got from the candy toss. 
My two nieces during our day in Backa.
My older brother owns this red beauty and my oldest nephew has this blue one. 
The line to get food from the local resturant that was serving was long, and check out that grill!
The quiz walk with this happy girl!
This little cutie melts my heart!
Waving to the airplanes passing by in the air. 
The smallest little airplane at this event taking off!
The last question on the quiz took us to the airplanes. 
Some of the airplanes that you could walk up to and look at. 
One of the airplanes taking off, my neice was so excited everytime one took off. 
Some of the gang, from the right; my nephew, my little brother, my nephew's friend, my older brother, and my niece. 
And my niece Wilma!
Auntie time!
This cutie!!
She wanted to watch the award show from the inside of her brothers car.
The boys hanging out. 
Father-daughter smiles. 
The happiness in those little eyes!
Me and my girls in front of my brother's mustang, ready to go home after a long but good day in the sun. 
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