We made a little roadtrip on our day off together to treasure some local places here in Värmland! We had originally planned to go to a mountain for a view but after driving around not able to find the specific place we were looking for we changed our plans and drove to the Candy Store at the mall in Långflon. After I loaded up on some candy we had some good food by the Camping place in Höljes. On the way home we stop at another place I've been wanting to go see, Digerfallet. It's a waterfall in the forest, next to an old abandoned power plant. It was a beautiful place and my pictures just don't do it justice. We ended up having a wonderful time, spending hours outside, quality time for body and soul! 
A picture of me on a stone above Digerfallet. 
Exploring together! Love seeing beautiful places in the Swedish forest. 
The tiny gravel road down to the abandoned power plant. 
The view of Digerfallet from the gravel road.
Walked down from the power plant onto the rocks to see the beauty of the waterfall.
A breathtaking place, my pictures doesn't do it justice. 
What a place. 
The water running down back into the forest. 
We climbed up on the rocks with cation to get the view above the waterfall. 
Could sit and watch this for hours. 
Quality time just sitting together enjoying this gorgeous place.  
We were lucky not to have any rain. 
All smiles, really needed this. 
Got my Puma shorts at Burlington in America. 
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