Good Ice Cream in America? I love the ice cream at Cold Stone! But it also has a very special place in my heart cause I spent very special moments at this chain during my exchange year. It was one of the places Jake took me on a date during our spring break and I have multiple moments with friends here. Besides the Ice Cream, and emotions I have attatched to it, I love their opening hours! Probably odd thing to mention but I love that there's an Ice Cream place that is open until ten o'clock at night, very different from Sweden as far as I know. I just love that because I fill my days in America as much as I can and with my friends, it is always so nice to be able to end our evenings at Cold Stone. This time I got to have a dessert date here with my host parents Doris and Scott! I lived with them during my year as an exchange student so they will always be family. We met up at Ritzy's for dinner first, I had never tried the food there before, and then we drove to Cold Stone for dessert. Beautiful evening with good company, we sat outside talking long after closing. Amazing evening, another dear memory to add to my Cold Stone list. Big thank you to Scott and Doris for spoiling us this evening!
Walking into Cold Stone while the sun is setting in Kentucky. 
Picture of the outside while the sun was setting!
Only right with beach themed interior when it's summer heat in Kentucky (to this Swede at least).
My choice of Ice Cream this time: Cotton Candy, Oreo and Cheesecake! 
On my bucket list; Celebrate a birthday in America so I can have an Ice Cream cake from here.
My host dad Scott, me, and my host mom Doris.
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